UnderGround Forums Yan was attacked by jellyfish before Rivera fight

2/8/20 11:15 AM
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The third man in UFC's lightweight category, Peter Jan, talked about how a poisonous jellyfish attack nearly caused the cancellation of his fight with Jimmy Rivera at UFC 238 in Chicago.

"Before the fifth fight at the UFC, poisonous jellyfish bit me in Thailand," Jan told RT Sport. "On the day of departure to America, my temperature was 39.5. There was a season of these jellyfish, and I swam to do an hour-long swim. My friend accompanied me on a paddle board, just in case. When I swam to a great depth, they bite me, these jellyfish, and I climbed onto the board, because there was a porridge of them in the water"

"It was just the jellyfish season, there were so many people in the hospital who were put there under a dropper right away. And I flew out the next day. Arrived home, went to bed, and in the morning I have a temperature of 39. The second day I have the same temperature, but I have an early flight to the States. I flew for 12 hours on the plane, and the whole next week I had the feeling that they had squeezed me out, it was such a state of death. And it was necessary to cut more weight. In general, I did not want to fight in this state, there was no desire, but I understood that I had to pack up and finish the job. It was a fight with Jimmy Rivera, the fifth fight in the UFC "

Recall that in that match, held in June last year, Peter Ian won a landslide victory, beating the American fighter by unanimous refereeing decision after three rounds.

2/8/20 11:55 AM
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Rivera arguably won that fight

2/8/20 12:31 PM
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Rivera had cleaner boxing but was put on his ass a couple of times and nearly finished in one of the rounds from what I remember. Pyotr hits hard for this weight.

2/8/20 12:47 PM
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I gave it to Yan, but besides the knockdowns, that was a damn close fight. The knockdowns clinched it for Yan though.

2/8/20 2:15 PM
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The box jellyfish can kill most people.

2/8/20 2:22 PM
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colubrid1 - The box jellyfish can kill most people.

Petr Yan is not most people!
2/8/20 3:20 PM
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Really enjoy his fights. And he does hit hard for his size 

2/8/20 8:09 PM
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It's venom, not poison.

2/9/20 1:39 AM
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46and2 -

It's venom, not poison.


2/9/20 1:41 AM
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46and2 -

It's venom, not poison.

You think jellyfish use a symbiote to attack?