UnderGround Forums What strategies will Reyes use to foil Jones?

2/4/20 10:27 AM
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Jones messes with people's timing with his oblique kicks,  his takedown attempts, his stiff are to the forehead/eyes.  What could Reyes do differently than most of his opponents?


Santos had some success against the oblique kicks

2/4/20 10:43 AM
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I posted about this in one of the other threads. Essentially he has to make the center of the cage his home, he can't let jones dictate the pace. Hit him to the legs and body and avoid the kicks to his legs. 

2/4/20 11:06 AM
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Side step.

2/4/20 11:20 AM
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sweet chin music 

2/4/20 11:26 AM
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whatever he tries to do will not work

Bones is the BEST fighter out ther today and ever.....im not even a fan of the guy, but that is straight fact


every single opponent was always supposed to have something else that could possibly beat jones, and it never hap[pens

2/4/20 11:31 AM
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Throw a football at Jon

2/4/20 11:52 AM
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The problem is Jones doesn't make mistakes. Some antics to bring Jon out of his element and then just bumrush him. A first round k.o. is almost the only way he can win anyway. Caution to the wind early I say.

2/4/20 11:59 AM
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Study Jon's combination sequences and determine moment to initiate furious counter attacks. Jon does not have the fastest of recoils after his attacks and he is vulnerable to strikes after  he throws a combination, especially one that ends with a leg kick. 

With that in mind, Dominick's southpaw-led attacks could poise issues for Jones's timing. Set up the straight left with a cluster of jabs, feints, and movement. 

2/4/20 12:14 PM
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Shoulder strikes and side steps. 

2/4/20 12:15 PM
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Counter with jab down the middle, stun Jon, close the distance with blitz of strikes.  Reyes can close the distance quickly, hope he uses it.

2/4/20 12:24 PM
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Punch him in the mouth usually works.

2/4/20 12:31 PM
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I like dinkledorf and XxLiveBaitxX' posts. Does't mean it will work but go all out! With protective glasses if possible.

2/4/20 12:32 PM
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Reyes keys to winning is to control the pace early on, don't let Jon settle in on his outside range, keep the fight in the pocket.

2/4/20 1:06 PM
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Everyone's unbeatable till they're beat. Jones will eventually be defeated just like everyone else. 

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low kicks and uhh face shield?

2/4/20 1:58 PM
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jones has spent the last 9-10 years fighting for and defending the LHW title


2/4/20 2:59 PM
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KnockoutThoughts -

Punch him in the mouth usually works.

What do you mean "works"?  1 mouth punch = KO?


If I only had one punch, it would be behind the ear to Jones.

2/4/20 3:13 PM
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athleticism...the first of his kind

2/4/20 3:23 PM
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Replicate the stuff Jones does, front shin kicks, leg/body/head kicks, jabs, feints, eye pokes etc etc.

Wait for the right time to land his KO power.


2/4/20 4:09 PM
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Destroy those skinny legs

2/4/20 5:33 PM
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IMO Reyes best chance is inside the clinch.

2/4/20 7:31 PM
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Hurt his shins but also he will need to hit jones to the body, watch the first Gus fight. Look how much Gus hit him to the body and how gassed it made jones. 

2/4/20 8:31 PM
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I think jones takes him down with about 1:45 left in the 1st and unleashes hell. Reyes makes the bell but never recovers and bones submits him after the 1st scramble of rd 2. It'll be bloody

2/4/20 8:36 PM
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Borrow some goggles from coach wink

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Jones has had the two most idiotic fights as recent defences. 


He almost got himself disqualified and then he decided to avoid his own strengths and ended up in a split decision. Almost ridiculous fight IQ and coaching compared to early on in his great run. 

After two fights of legitimately entertaining defeat there's a much higher chance than there ever has been of him losing against anyone.

My favourite current active fighter but if he doesn't get back to wrestling and violent gnp he will lose sooner rather than later.