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2/4/20 10:53 AM
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Today, veteran and firefighter owned coffee company, Fire Department Coffee, unveiled their new Extra Strength coffee with two times the caffeine. The new, highly caffeinated dark roast coffee, Stipe Miocic Extra Strength Coffee, contains 333 mg of caffeine – more than double the caffeine of a regular 8-ounce cup. 

Known as "The Baddest Man on the Planet" Stipe Miocic lends his name to a coffee that will not only be renowned for being the "baddest coffee on the planet," but a brand that is dedicated to giving back to the first responders community.

"I'm proud to be the inspiration for FDC's Extra Strength Coffee. It's the hardest working coffee in America – created for the hardest working people everywhere," said Miocic. "Not only does Extra Strength deliver a caffeine energy kick almost as strong as mine, the proceeds from every purchase helps support first responders in need."

Owned and operated by firefighters who are passionate about roasting high quality, great-tasting coffee, Fire Department Coffee added Stipe Miocic Extra Strength to their popular lineup of fresh roasted and spirit infused coffees, all of which have become a staple in fire departments, job sites, offices, and homes across the country.

"We're taking our robust lines of coffee to next level with a roast that delivers the greatest caffeine jolt of all time," said Fire Dept. Coffee owner Luke Schneider. "Teaming up with Stipe, a fellow firefighter and one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time, makes perfect sense for us. He represents our customers who need that perfect cup to fuel their long hours and high-octane lifestyles."

About Fire Dept. Coffee
Launched in 2016, Fire Department Coffee is owned and run by firefighters with the mission to make great coffee with an even greater mission to support our nation's heroes in need. 10 % of the proceeds from every order goes towards Fire Department Coffee Foundation, a charitable organization supporting groups that help first responders who are injured on the job, mentally or physically, or who are facing other serious health challenges. Fire Department Coffee features a wide variety of fresh-roasted coffee including Light, Dark, Donut Shop, Espresso and a spirit infused line with Bourbon, Rum, Whiskey, and Tequila-infused coffees. For more information, please visit firedeptcoffee.com

Source: PR Wire

2/4/20 1:18 PM
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How about that truck driver coffee? 

2/4/20 1:30 PM
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That's almost two caffeine pills. Stupid. 

2/4/20 4:04 PM
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Maybe he'll be less sleepy and sleep inducing in his interviews


I hope he heals up soon

2/4/20 7:36 PM
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Yeah he needs to stop taking a year between fights 

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Kessle37 -

Yeah he needs to stop taking a year between fights 

no he doesnt. theres not some long line in the heavyweight

2/4/20 9:56 PM
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Good on him getting into the coffee game but the extra strong stuff is dangerous long term imo.

2/4/20 10:03 PM
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I thought dark roast coffee had less caffeine...

2/4/20 10:08 PM
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Donoghue88 -

Good on him getting into the coffee game but the extra strong stuff is dangerous long term imo.

Seems unnecessary imo, but probably geared towards the serious coffee drinkers who put away like 6-8 cups a day.

2/5/20 2:44 AM
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mmashburn85 -

I thought dark roast coffee had less caffeine...

Thats inconsequential compared to the actual bean being used. 

2/5/20 12:53 PM
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Good for stipe,  he's a blue collar fighter and I respect him.  For whatever reason I'm not a fan of him as a fighter though.

2/5/20 5:01 PM
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Is this the coffee that you make before breakfast, and then let it sit on the counter for the next 2 years?