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New Drop - UFC 250  on 5/9 in São Paulo, Brazil 

UFC on ESPN+ 32 on 5/2 in Oklahoma City, OK

[ Not dropped ]

UFC on ESPN+ 31 on 4/25 in Lincoln, NE

UFC 249 on 4/18 in Brooklyn, NY

UFC on ESPN+ 30 on 4/11 in Portland, OR

UFC on ESPN 8 on 3/28 in Columbus, OH

UFC on ESPN+ 29 on 3/21 in London, England

UFC on ESPN+ 28 on 3/14 in Brasília, Brazil

UFC 248 on 3/7 in Las Vegas, NV

UFC on ESPN+ 27 on 2/29  in Norfolk, VA

UFC on ESPN+ 26 on 2/22 in Auckland, New Zealand

2/20/20 9:58 PM
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I feel like Khabib & Tony should have a much better poster.


Overall, they're all kinda meh

2/20/20 10:20 PM
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The Felder/Hooker is the only one that feels like it stands out. I would love for the UFC to start getting more artistic in the poster department. 

2/28/20 11:31 PM
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Poster drop for UFC on ESPN+ 30.

2/29/20 2:29 AM
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If anyone wants posters from like last 5 years let me know. I most likely got you covered.

2/29/20 3:16 AM
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Weak all around 

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They need to hire Bosslogic. At this point one could make a script to automatically generate these posters. They're kind of generic and glib.

The posters instead need to have an apocalyptic or existential vibe, like the old PRIDE posters. The posters need to be art in and of themselves. Exhibit A:

Now THAT'S a god damn fuckin poster! Shit gets my dick hard.

2/29/20 3:40 AM
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Thrill Hammer -

If anyone wants posters from like last 5 years let me know. I most likely got you covered.

I’m excited for all of these fights! Rozenstruik vs Ngannou looks AMAZING on paper! Oliveira vs Lee is awesome. Woodley vs Edwards is going to be an interesting fight. But that Tony vs Khabib fight is like winning a trip to the moon. That once in a lifetime fight. I CAN’T WAIT!! I just hope we get to see it happen finally.. no more bad juju on that fight. The two greatest fighters at 155lb finally meet, and only one walks away as the best ever at 155lb. That fight is legendary. 

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UFC on ESPN+ 31: Big Heads