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2/20/20 12:59 AM
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The MMA Roasted Podcast, Adam is joined in studio by Jason "Mayhem" Miller and The Weendawg to discuss recent and upcoming MMA fights. The Roasted crew takes a call from friend of the show, UFC Welterweight, Colby "Chaos" Covington. 

2/20/20 2:00 AM
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Just lisTTTening, cheers!

2/20/20 2:33 AM
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Fucking awesome interview Colby is back 

Edited: 2/20/20 5:30 AM
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Love Adam and love MMAROASTED. Have been listening for years and the show has had ups and downs and changing co hosts, but right now they are at an all time high!

Adam is funniest when he plays off other people and Mayhem is a walking punch line. (I say that with the utmost respect!) 

And if you are reading this Adam please have Greg Wilson back on soon! 

2/20/20 9:58 AM
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