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2/2/20 11:19 AM
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Former WSOF strawweight champ and UFC contender Jessica Aguilar, 37, has been fighting for 14 years. She hasn't fought since losing a UD to Marina Rodriguez at UFC on ESPN 2 on 3/30/2019, and was released; JAG is open to finishing her career in the ONE Championship, RIZIN, in her birth nation of Mexico where she has never fought, or in the UFC. But 2020 will be her last year fighting.

"I've had to sit on this for a while," said Aguilar to Danny Segura for MMA Junkie. "Just look at the reality: I've been fighting for a long time, my body has gone through a lot.

"I know I've still got it and I went through a rough patch, and it's hard to say. It's hard to transition and say, 'Hey, it's time for retirement. But it's the truth. It's reality, and you have to face reality. It sucks, but I had my time, and it's time for me to use that and pass it along – use what I've learned and experienced in the sport to help other female athletes, whether it's opening up a gym in the future and teaching or speaking to women and sharing what I know. There's so many things, but it's time for me to transition.

"It's not easy, but that's life. Everything comes to an end. It's just accepting and going with the flow. I was bitter for a long time, but now I understand. I did it. It's OK. I can say I was best in the world. I can say I did it and I'll continue doing martial arts for the rest of my life in some way or form, but everything comes to an end."

"My goal was to have 30 fights, and I'm at 28. So it would be two fights this year, but you know: MMA. So that's my goal. I would feel comfortable to have 30 fights, but it all depends. There are different factors when it comes to that. When my body is good and in the swing of things, I've fought three, four times a year. But my goal is two (more) fights."

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my thoughts exactly, i have no idea who she is.
2/2/20 2:30 PM
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She was probably the consensus #1 at 115lb for around 3-4 years (before the UFC had the division).  Came to the UFC maybe a little past her prime.  Unfortunate that she didnt get there a few year earlier.  Former Bellator and WSOF Champ.


I'd like to see her finish up in Invicta.  Still has the talent to make one last run at their 115 Title.

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