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2/15/20 10:03 AM
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Refereeing is the most thankless task in MMA. Bad refereeing invites endless criticism, but brilliant refereeing escapes notice. And refs have to balance a fighter's health with a fighter's livelihood, in a hurting game; it's impossible to do perfectly.

So it's nice and needed to recognize the brilliant officiating moments, too. Here Holly Holm lands an incredible Question Mark kick, but watch Marc Goddard catch the final punch.

2/15/20 10:48 AM
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I wonder if it would be called good refereeing if Holly was injured from that

2/15/20 1:04 PM
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Marc "Not So" Goodard, imo...
2/15/20 3:24 PM
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Almost like Big John protecting Brian Johnston from Mark Coleman at UFC 11.

2/15/20 3:42 PM
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Jason is the bestest!

Edited: 2/15/20 4:37 PM
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There's literally not a single referee that someone wouldn't find something to complain about.


In my opinion the best referee is Mike Beltran.

2/15/20 4:37 PM
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You hardly notice a ref if hes doing it right. That's why I hated big John in the last part of his reffing career. Ever match he reffed, he seemed to interject himself. It was like the big john show.