UnderGround Forums Anderson Silva returns to fight Israel Adesanya

11/24/18 9:28 PM
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RIP Anderson! 


Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will return to the Octagon in 2019, against one of the hottest contenders in the sport.

The UFC has booked Silva against undefeated Nigerian Israel Adesanya at UFC 234 on Feb. 9 (Feb. 10 local) in Melbourne, Australia, UFC president Dana White told ESPN on Saturday. The 185-pound contest is expected to serve as the UFC 234 co-main event.

Silva, 43, hasn't fought since a decision win against Derek Brunson in February 2017. He failed a random drug test in October 2017. However, the United States Anti-Doping Agency ultimately ruled the positive test was caused by a contaminated dietary supplement, and Silva agreed to a one-year suspension.

Long considered the greatest fighter of all time, Silva (34-8) has just one win in the past five years. The Brazilian held the record for most consecutive UFC title defenses for years, until flyweight Demetrious Johnson broke the mark in October 2017.


11/24/18 9:31 PM
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My God!!! Anderson no!!! 

11/24/18 9:40 PM
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Damn what a slide.  about to be 34-9.


Tough watching the greats get old.

11/24/18 9:50 PM
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Eggggh, I just cringed hard.

11/24/18 9:52 PM
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No idea how this goes, but I want to watch!
11/24/18 9:52 PM
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Dang Anderson's about to have another glitch in his matrix

11/24/18 9:53 PM
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This is going to be fun to watch
11/24/18 9:56 PM
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My bookie says he's doing it for clout. Aka will pull out. 

11/24/18 9:59 PM
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Darth Potato -

Damn what a slide.  about to be 34-9.


Tough watching the greats get old.

Get old and not have gear anymore

11/24/18 10:00 PM
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zero chance this fight happens. Too risky for both sides.
11/24/18 10:18 PM
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Andy takes this. 

Dana rushing it a bit with his young star. 

11/24/18 10:30 PM
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BreakALegAndy! - 

Andy takes this. 

Dana rushing it a bit with his young star. 

11/24/18 10:32 PM
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303 - This is going to be fun to watch

I think it wil but oh how I wish this was prime Anderson! I still think Silva will pose interesting matchup for Israel..
11/24/18 10:37 PM
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StevetheWeasel - 
BreakALegAndy! - 

Andy takes this. 

Dana rushing it a bit with his young star. 


Anderson will get smoked, even in his prime this is a very tough fight for him. Israel fought at the highest levels of kickboxing.
11/24/18 10:38 PM
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Silva won't last a round. I say that as a worried Anderson fan. His chin was shot half a decade ago.


This is suicide.

11/24/18 10:38 PM
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Two counter strikers = boring fights...

11/24/18 10:40 PM
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ABCTT_HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe -

Eggggh, I just cringed hard.

NOt as hard as me and I hate SIlva

11/24/18 10:43 PM
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Anderson will win this! Mark my words.

11/24/18 10:44 PM
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Sheer stupidity, ridiculous match making.

11/24/18 10:50 PM
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showcase fight for Israel in every sense of the word.
11/24/18 10:51 PM
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Anderson kills him

11/24/18 10:52 PM
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oranos - 

Anderson kills him

5yrs ago, yeah! Now? Toss up!

11/24/18 10:52 PM
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11/24/18 10:58 PM
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oranos -

Anderson kills him

SN bet. 30 days. I got Adesanya.

11/24/18 11:06 PM
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damn i was really hopeing for a third weidman fight.