Sean O’Malley calls out ‘whoever works at NSAC’

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

It’s been a rough past year for Sean O’Malley. After testing positive for ostarine due to a tainted dietary supplement in October, it looked as if he was all set to return in March for a bout with Marlon Vera. However, the residual effects from the failed supplement caused him to test positive yet again. Although USADA took no more action, Nevada State Athletic Commission pulled him from the fight.

While all of the action for O’Malley has been in the news and not in the cage, that didn’t stop people from talking about fighting him. In fact, it seems as if more people are calling him out than ever before.

“I’ve been called out by, I think, nine or ten people since I’ve been out,” O’Malley explained to The Top Turtle MMA Podcast. “I see it all the time. It’s funny.”

Those callouts have come from a number of different fighters, and even though O’Malley knows he can’t fight them right now, he understands what each of them are trying to accomplish.

“I get it, I get what they’re doing,” said O’Malley. “They don’t really have a name for themselves, so they’re trying to get one off of me. It’s fine.”

There’s a cost to calling out ‘Suga’ Sean while his hands are tied. Those trying to book a fight with someone who legally can’t will have to wait longer.

“Everyone who’s calling me out, they have to wait the longest,” O’Malley said. “I’m out and they’re just jabbing their lips and they know I can’t fight.”

Given the chance to make his own callout, O’Malley was quick to get his own jab in.

“Whoever works at the Athletic Commission in Nevada,” O’Malley joked. “I want to fight them.”

In all seriousness though, O’Malley isn’t in a rush to get to anyone in particular. With his youth and his confidence in his skills, he’ll be sure to get them all.

“There’s no one in specific. Everyone wants to fight me. I’m 24 years old,” he said. “I have a lot of time to fight. I’m not too worried… I’ll get to each one eventually.”

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Author Daniel Vreeland is a co-founder of the Tweets by TopTurtleMMA